First webconference

Saturday, 17 July 2010
9:00 am to 11:00 am EST

Theme: Collaborating across physical boundaries and distances.

Participants: Ms. Alpana Kelkar (International School, Ambi Valley, Lonavala. India), Dr. Maithili Jog (Abasaheb Garware College, Pune. India), Dr. Dennis Taylor (Hiram College, Hiram, OH. USA), Dr. Sreekanth Chalasani (Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA. USA), Ms. Ambika Srinivasan (McGill University, Montreal, QC. Canada), and the rest from the Ohio State University – Dr. Sriram Satagopan, Dr. Jay Chatterjee and Ms. Aparna Lakshmanan.

Moderator: A n i l  K u m a r  C h a l l a

Listen to snippets of the discussion:
Ms. Alpana Kelkar
Dr. Maithili Jog
Dr. Sreekanth Chalasani
Dr. Dennis Taylor

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